Terms of service


The information’s security that the clients deliver in MAZ Manuela Álvarez is one of our top priorities. The security of the information that the client provides is one of our main priorities.

Our electronic platform as well as all the security measures for payments are supported by the Shopify platform.


All our products have a 30 day guarantee for any quality or production defects.


MAZ Manuela Álvarez wishes to offer the clients the possibility to exchange delivered items in the conditions below:

The client can, to his/her election, during the 30 days after the delivered date:

Contact our Customer Service team to arrange the return of the order through our messenger service. Proceed to the exchange from a distance. In this case, the client may call our Customer Service team and return the delivered items in their original packaging, complete (related accesories, use guides, protections, labels, brochures, instructions, etc.) as well as a copy of the receipt to the address: Carrera 7 #79B- 15 Office 203, Bogotá, Colombia.

The client will assume the charge of the proof of return, which means that the items must be returned by certified delivery or for any method that acredits a true date. The charges and risks of the return will be assumed by the client. Every new delivery will only be carried out from the reception of MAZ Manuela Álvarez from the returned items from the client.

The returned incomplete items, ruined, deteriorized, stained, or in any state that indicates reasonably that the product has been used, will not be exchanged and will be returned vía post immediately.

We DON’T return money, the exchanges can be made through the exchange of another item from the brand for a superior or equal value.

We DON’T exchange items with a discounted or on sale prices.


The estimated time of delivery will be between 3-8 working days, depending on the delivery address, ONLY IF THE PURCHASED ITEM IS AVAILABLE IN STOCK. The deliveries will be carried out only on working days.

The estimated time of delivery of items and references that are NOT FOUND IN STOCK, AND HAVE BEEN ORDERED BY REQUEST AND/OR HAVE ARTISANAL DEVELOPMENTS, will be between 10-30 working days, depending on the delivery address. The deliveries will be carried out only on working days.

Deliveries in Colombia will NOT BE CHARGED. For international deliveries for purchases over $500 USD, the delivery will NOT BE CHARGED. For international deliveries for purchases below $500 USD the delivery will have a calculated cost depending on the continent or country where the item will be shipped.


All orders are subject to availability to all products. If the item purchased is not in stock, it will take up to 30 days to be delivered, depending on its handmade manufacturing process, and artisanal developments.