Runway: Fundamentals

“Principles from which other truths can be derived” The exaltation of the clean line is the foundation for all things; is the simplest yet more profound concept in art, geometry and architecture. The richness of the line and its ability to transform itself, is the main inspiration tool for “Fundamentals.”

Oversize and clean silhouettes that playfully combine masculine and feminine cuts with sartorial and architectonic structures. Cutouts in shapes of vertebral columns and ribs represent the metaphor of the power and strength of our MAZ Warriors.

Peruvian 100% merino wool, mixed with Alpaca fibers, “patina” cottons, Colombian nappa leather and calf, 3D nets and bio-furs play together to enhance the contrasting materials, and conclude in an organic sense in the clothes, where the fabrics embody our Warriors appreciation for protection and for the connection with her own universe.